How do I obtain my Cancun Passport?

There are three ways to go about receiving your Cancun Passport once purchased:
1. An email will be sent to you with a link to activate your cancun passport.
2. Create password and activate your membership
3. Reserve experiences and show membership at check-in.

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Absolutely! You can use it as many times as you like for as long as your Cancun Passport is valid, over and over again.

From 6 month up to a year, depending on when you purchased your membership. We put new memberships every January 1st (valid until next January) and every July 1st (valid until next July).

Of course! We will be continuously adding new merchants so make sure you keep checking the website frequently.

Technically, less than once!

Most of the offers are worth more than your initial investment for the membership. That means the first time you use your Cancun Passport, it will pay for itself and you will start saving a lot of money.

There is no answer to that question! It can be hundreds, thousand or tens of thousand of dollars! That depends only on you. You can use it once, or you can use it every day for as long as your Cancun Passport is valid.

So it comes down to this, the more you use the membership, the more you will save, and we encourage you to use it as much as you can!!

All Tour operators are capable of changing their prices without prior notice. Cancun Passport is not responsible for any price change. We try to stay up-to-date, but it's complicated when we aren't advised on time by our partners.

You cannot cancel or modify your Cancun Passport right after making your order, as your Cancun Passport e-card is created and sent to your email instantly, ready to be downloaded and used.

We may not always be able to help, but we are happy to try. If you can’t find more information regarding how to modify or cancel an order, please contact our Customer Care team to see if we can assist.

Details can be found of what each partner offers on the business page on the Cancun Passport website.
Some partners may have some restrictions.

WhatsApp is also available on Chat. Members can call us to get assistance. Email is also great.

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